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WNKX: Friends of Lick Creek Interview – Rodes Hart (5/23/2023)

WNKX: Friends of Lick Creek Interview – Mayor Jim Bates (5/12/2023)

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TWF Spring Newsletter: Bigger Picture: Water Planning Requires a Regional Approach (May 2023)

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Nashville Scene: TDEC Referees Waste Treatment in Dickson County (4/20/2023)

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NewsChannel 5: Environmental group files administrative lawsuit over bacteria growth in a Dickson County creek (3/17/2023)

Fox 17: What’s in your drinking water?

EPA: Biden-Harris Administration Proposes First-Ever National Standard to Protect Communities from PFAS in Drinking Water (3/14/2023)

Hickman County Times: Letters to the Editor – Blessed here with water (3/6/2023)

WSMV: Friends of Lick Creek sue water authority (2/22/2023)

Main Street Fairview: Lawsuit filed in battle to save Lick Creek (2/21/2023)

Hickman County Times: TDEC will listen here to officials regarding Lick Creek (2/13/2023)

Hickman County Times: Water Issues: A Bigger View is Needed (2/13/2023)

Hickman County Times: Letters to the Editor – What kind of growth do we want here? (2/13/2023)

Hickman County Times: Open-records petition filed vs. WADC (2/6/2023)

Hickman County Times: Letter to the Editor – Fundamental problems with Lick Creek plan (2/6/2023)

MSN: The latest in the battle of over a pristine Tennessee creek? A public records lawsuit.(2/2/2023)

Tennessee Coalition for Open Government: Friends of Lick Creek file public records lawsuit over sewage effluent plans (2/1/2023)

Hickman County Times: Utility files supplement to permit application (12/26/2022)

Hickman County Times: Another threat emerges from Dickson Co. (12/26/2022)

Tennessean: Williamson twins’ film captures resistance to Lick Creek wastewater facility (12/21/2022)

TN Lookout: Conservation groups file complaint seeking stronger oversight over wastewater plants (11/22/2022)

Dickson Post: Don’t dump our sewage problems on to neighbors (11/9/2022)

Hickman County Times: About the sewer line debate (11/7/2022)

Take a look at our recent conversation with Mayor Bates where we discuss our cause, his stance, and what he is doing to ensure that decision-making power is put back in the hands of Hickman residents.

Hickman County Times: Fixing leaks better than building anew (9/26/2022)

Hickman County Times: Sludge in Maine is concerning (8/22/2022)

Hickman County Times: Wake-up call about “forever chemicals” (8/22/2022)

Full letter by Allston Vander Horst

Published in the Hickman County Times

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The Danger of Wastewater Treatment Plants

News Channel 5: Ridgetop neighbors say drinking water was contaminated with sewage for a month

The Hill: About half of US water ‘too polluted’ for swimming, fishing or drinking, report finds

Tennessean: Spring Hill wastewater superintendent falsified water quality reports, state investigation finds