About Friends of Lick Creek

About Friends of Lick Creek

We are concerned Hickman County residents and landowners, organizing as “Friends of Lick Creek,” who seek more information about the proposed Water Authority of Dickson County (WADC) wastewater facility. We are organizing in response to the public notice announcing the application for a permit to build the East Hickman sewage plant. We seek transparency from local and state government, from the WADC, and from any other unknown parties promoting, financing, and supporting this proposed project.

We want more information regarding the application for a permit to build the proposed WADC wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and more information on how discharging sewage into Lick Creek and ultimately the Duck River will impact the aquatic environment, drinking water, livestock, land, residents, and all citizens who enjoy the beauty and fun of this historic Creek.

The proposed sewage plant has an alarming amount of sewage scheduled to come from the population growth of Dickson County and Williamson County.  The proposed plant will serve our neighboring counties with an initial TWO MILLION GALLONS OF WASTEWATER PER DAY (2mgd) being dumped in Lick Creek and as much as the projected 12 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY (12mgd).  Initial estimates show that only 2.3% of the initial sewage will come from Hickman County, with a maximum of 6% by 2040.  Why should Hickman County, and Lick Creek, maintain the sewage for Williamson and Dickson counties?

“A poor county like Hickman County shouldn’t have to facilitate the growth of a rich county like Williamson County. They have the resources to deal with their own population, and Hickman County does not.”

Member, Friends of Lick Creek

“How do we leave room for growth? How do we even allow for growth in this community if we take on 93% of effluent water from another community? Save the drinking water, save the beautiful resources, save nature.”

Krista, Friends of Lick Creek



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