Hickman County Times: Letter to the Editor – Blessed here with water (3/6/2023)

In 1820, my family settled at Rock Spring along the Duck River in Maury County. As a boy, I hunted and fished with my father on the Duck River.

Since 1977, my family has owned a farm on the Duck River at Whitson Bend in Hickman County. I have been blessed with the opportunity to observe the Duck in spring, summer, fall and winter. I have hunted on it in 10 degree bitter cold and watched it change from a gentle stream to a raging torrent.

In 2010, National Geographic magazine named the Duck River one of the 10 most biodiverse places on the earth. Think about that. Not in Tennessee, not in the U.S. But in the whole world.

That same year, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a Senate Resolution (SJR862) recognizing and honoring the Duck River watershed as a true treasure of Tennessee. The Duck River watershed area of Swan Creek, Lick Creek, Beaverdam Creek and the Piney River are rare, precious jewels.

We are truly blessed in Hickman County.

But today, Hickman County is threatened. The Water Authority of Dickson County (WADC) has plans to dump its sewage into Lick Creek. Oh, they claim it will be limited and refined. Do you really believe that?

Here are the facts:

1. WADC breached its 2005 written agreement with Hickman County to consult and communicate with Hickman County officials. WADC, like thieves in the night, silently filed its sewage application with the state Department of Environment and Conservation.

2. WADC is currently in violation of state law in discharge from their White Bluff sewage plant. They have also been sued for improper discharge into Jones Creek, further polluting the Harpeth River.

3. Dickson County has access to the Cumberland River for its sewage and water needs. Not 10 years from now but today. Their own engineers have advised them to discharge into the Cumberland as opposed to taking over Hickman County. This is the common-sense solution for everyone. But instead, they see an opportunity to take advantage of and bully Hickman County.

4. In five years, they can file a new application doubling or tripling the amount of sewage they dump into Hickman County’s waters. There will be nothing that Hickman County citizens can do about that.

5. WADC officials were not elected by Hickman County citizens. These officials owe us nothing; and they have no duty to Hickman County.

In short, Hickman County will do a fine job planning for our future.

Please stand up for your families, your neighbors and Hickman County. Oppose the WADC application for a sewage plant on Lick Creek.


Jones wrote the Senate Resolution (SJR862) honoring the Duck River. He has served on the Board of the Duck River Watershed Association.

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