Hickman County Times: Sludge in Maine is concerning (8/22/2022)

Last week, the Hickman County Times ran an article about a new ban on sewer sludge in Maine because of the dangerous “forever chemicals” that come from wastewater treatment plants.

I’m glad the Times is covering important issues like this, especially with Lick Creek still in jeopardy of being tainted with wastewater by the Water Authority of Dickson County. The WADC can claim their water is clean and drinkable all they want, but I’m not going to drink that water!

Save Lick Creek isn’t just about our creek in Hickman County or the people that live along it. It’s about saving Hickman County from the many harmful impacts of these toxic chemicals.

Do we want to protect Hickman County’s natural beauty, quiet way of life and health, or will we let these chemicals poison our county and our families forever? I am glad our hometown newspaper is helping us understand the seriousness of the issue and keeping us informed.


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