Centerville sewage treatment plant for comparison and finding permits

I’ve been looking for other sewage treatment plant permits to see what kind of details might be relevant to get myself up to speed. I haven’t necessarily found what I’m looking for but I did learn a few things along the way and found Centerville’s sewage treatment plant permit page.

Centerville sewage treatment plant permit:

Centerville sewage treatment plant site information page:

Reading through a specific document for the plant:

  • This document from 2008
  • estimated 75,000 gallons/day treated with chlorine
  • sewage only, not storm runoff
  • population served 3,500
  • BOD removal rate 85% (BOD: biological oxygen demand)

To find this I was able to get help from Liz Campbel again who was really helpful. If you load up the Tennessee Division of Water Resources (DWR) permit search page you should see a big list.

To see everything for Hickman county, add a new filter and then set the county = Hickman in the drop down or type in the name.

My new favorite query though is to filter by “Receiving Stream”. Be sure to be careful since the expression appears to be case sensitive. Also there is another Lick Creek in another county that is not the same so you may need to combine this filter with the county filter.

If we want to see the active permits related to the Lick Creek stream in Hickman county, we will see that as of today, there are only 3. This is great because none of these are to dump sewage into Lick Creek.

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