Updates from Liz Campbell

I was able to speak with Liz Campbell today at 615.532.1172 and she was really helpful. Couple of key updates from our conversation.

  • Permit draft is not completed yet so it is not available. Once it is complete, it will be posted and available via the dataviewer website https://dataviewers.tdec.tn.gov/pls/enf_reports/f?p=9034:34001
  • Public notices are posted on Tuesdays and this permit draft will very likely not be ready for posting on Jan 25, 2022 and may not even be done by the next Tuesday Feb 1, 2022.
  • Liz is collecting contact information from those calling in for information so that when the draft is posted and the public meeting is scheduled, a notice can be sent directly out to those folks.
  • Announcement for the date, time, and location of the public meeting regarding this permit will be posted at the same time as the permit draft being posted.
  • The period for accepting comments is until 10 days after the public meeting.
  • The public notice sign posted is a bit old so it doesn’t include an email address to send in comments regarding the permit application. Emails sent to water.permits@tn.gov are treated the same as a letter mailed by post to the office.
  • Liz shared the following 2 resources to research various permit data:

Liz also mentioned “How’s My Waterway” and I was able to find our local water quality report on that EPA site. You can find details on our Lick Creek Middle watershed at https://mywaterway.epa.gov/community/060400030403/overview

I asked Liz who I could talk to in regards to understanding the potential impacts of the water from the treated sewage. Liz recommended that I contact Anna R. Sartors at 615.532.0159 who is on the Board of Ground Water Management. I’ll be working on contacting Anna this week to ask more questions.

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