An overflowing Friends of Lick Creek Community Meeting at Mount Pleasant Methodist Church 2.19

Friends of Lick Creek has great respect for the citizens, the environment, and the well-being of everyone in Hickman County.  We represent multi-generational families who want to protect our resources and do what’s best for future generations of Hickman Countians. We are concerned that the proposed WADC treatment plant will prevent us from doing so.

We are concerned

About the unknown adverse impact on our children and grandchildren in the decades to come, and that this facility will accept waste from primarily Dickson and Williamson Counties.

We are not opposed to economic development and understand that improved infrastructure of all types is needed for Hickman County to prepare for potential growth.  We support intentional economic growth – we oppose profit-motivated urban sprawl.  

We are concerned

About the aquatic life, the livestock and the wild animals who depend on the creek.

About the people, young and old, who love to fish, swim, camp and enjoy the waters of Lick Creek each and every day.

About the impact millions of gallons of daily sewage dump will ultimately have on the Duck River.

We are concerned

That landowners directly impacted by the WADC plan have not been notified, that developers will flock to the opportunity sewer access provides to irresponsibly damage Hickman County in the name of profitability, and about the impact of dumping the proposed 12,500,000 gallons/ day to Lick Creek.